East Finchley Festival CIC is committed to ensuring that the festival is as environmentally sustainable as possible. Our goal is to reduce the festival’s carbon footprint and environmental impact incrementally each year. In this endeavour we seek to engage the local community and prioritise stallholders and vendors at the event who are committed to assisting us in making the festival as sustainable as possible. Since taking over the management of East Finchley Festival in 2019 we have taken the following steps:

2020: We banned foil and plastic balloons, helium, and single-use plastics of any sort at the festival.
2021: All our cups are now vegware, which is compostable in regular rubbish.
2022: Barnet Council installed a bottle refill station in Cherry Tree Wood.
2023: We replaced our diesel generators with an HVO (hydroteated vegetable oil) powered generator for the main stage and a solar array/battery combo for the community stage.
2024: We used carbon offsetting to achieve carbon neutral status.