About us

East Finchley Community Festival is an inclusive FREE one-day community festival in London N2, which has been bringing the community together for nearly 50 years. It is produced for the benefit of the local community and is intended not only to give the community a free afternoon of entertainment, but also to promote and support our local economy.

East Finchley Festival CIC

The festival is run by East Finchley Festival CIC – a non-profit Community Interest Company, established October 2019 and Registered England & Wales company no. 12271366.

Michael Hughes
Andrew Myers-Nobbs
Charles O’Toole
Alison Roberts

In 2019 we formally took over responsibility for East Finchley Festival, but have adopted the core principles set out by our predecessors, East Finchley Community Trust, and will endeavour to continue to run the festival for the benefit of the whole N2 community.

We are supported by a huge army of volunteers, both in the build up to the festival and on the day. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.


The festival is partly funded by revenue from stalls, advertising and raffle ticket sales, and relies heavily on sponsorship from local businesses and kind donations from the public. We do not receive any funding from the local council or any other outside bodies.

Festival Principles

East Finchley Festival CIC is committed to ensure that:

  • East Finchley Festival is an inclusive festival with a welcome given to ALL within our community
  • The Festival is free at the point of entry – no entrance fees are charged to enter Cherry Tree Wood.
  • Entertainment and performances are free of charge
  • Stage acts perform on a voluntary basis and do not receive payment
  • Preference is given to local (to N2) food vendors, stallholders and entertainment acts on both stages
  • Quality local independent trade and craft stalls are preferred
  • Vendors are encouraged to avoid single-use disposable items and consider the environmental impact of any products they sell
  • Motorised access to Cherry Tree Wood is discouraged as far as possible
  • Motorised entertainments such as funfair rides are not permitted
  • Generators are only provided for activities involved in running the festival and are not permitted for individual stall holders
  • We aim to leave Cherry Tree Wood in as good as, if not a better, state after the festival than before
  • Respect will always shown to local residents living in the immediate vicinity of Cherry Tree Wood to minimise any adverse impact the event might have upon the local area.

East Finchley Festival’s environmental impact

East Finchley Festival CIC and its volunteers are committed to ensuring that The Festival is as environmentally sustainable as possible, lowering the environmental impact that our annual event has on the local area. Between events we will explore novel and inventive ways of reducing The Festival’s environmental footprint with the goal of reducing our impact incrementally every year. In this endeavour we would seek to engage the local community and prioritise stallholders and vendors at the event who are committed to assisting us in making the festival as green and sustainable as possible.  

In 2020 we took the decision to ban foil and plastic balloons, helium, and single-use plastics of any sort. Our cups are vegware, which is compostable in regular rubbish.