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East Finchley Community Festival

East Finchley Community Festival has been held for nearly 40 years.

Festival Principles

  • It is an inclusive festival with a welcome given to ALL within our community.
  • The Festival is free at the point of entry – no entrance fees are charged to enter Cherry Tree Wood
  • It is a community festival – not a commercial festival;
  • Encouragement and preference is given to local (local to N2) community and school stalls, business stalls, food stalls and entertainment acts on both stages;
  • Quality commercial and craft stalls are preferred.
  • Stage acts do not receive payment.
  • Motorised entertainments such as funfair rides are discouraged.
  • Motorised access to Cherry Tree Woods is discouraged as far as possible.
  • Generators are only provided for activities involved in running the Festival – generators are not acceptable for individual stall holders.
  • We aim to leave Cherry Tree Wood in as good as, if not a better, state after the festival than before.
  • Respect is always shown to local residents living in the immediate area of Cherry Tree Wood to recognise the adverse impacts the event can have upon the local environment.
  • The festival is funded through a combination of charges for stalls and attractions, a raffle, donations and sponsorship and some merchandising.  Sponsorship, advertising, attractions and merchandising need to be consistent with the principles of the Festival
  • Surpluses raised through the Festival are retained:
    • to ensure sufficient funds are available to meet two years upfront costs of running the Festival;
    • to support local charities (including schools) operating in our area of benefit.

The responsibility for the Festival, its assets and liabilities and standards and activities rests with the East Finchley Community Trust, which is a registered charity and Limited Liability Company.    The Trust is managed by a committee.    New members of the committee are agreed by vote of the current members.

The organisation and running of the festival  year by year is delegated by the Trust to a festival committee of volunteers who take on all the tasks required.   The festival committee works through an open planning meeting which meets approximately monthly.  Subject to the discretion of the current chair, all are welcome to attend.


East Finchley Community Trust

February 2018